The Carlsbad Student Leader Academy program strives to address issues affecting youth in Carlsbad and close the gap between adult and youth perspectives. By placing youth at the table, we are ensuring a voice and an action to better create a sense of place and home. The Carlsbad Student Leader Academy program will serve as a robust sounding board, be committed to self-development coupled with service learning. This group will spearhead dynamic youth leadership efforts for innovative projects targeting the future populace of Carlsbad.

*If you are interested in applying for membership to the Carlsbad Student Leader Academy, please complete the following application. Applicants MUST be a city resident and/or attend school in Carlsbad and be in the grades 9 through 12. All information requested must be completed in order for your application to be considered.

Space is limited, so if there isn't room for the current session you would go on a waiting list for a future CSLA session.

We are now accepting applications for SPRING 2020-- spread the word!!!

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Starting Fall 2019
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Please recommend at least one friend who ought to apply to the CSLA, too
Please recommend at least one friend who ought to apply to the CSLA, too
I have read and understand the commitment required for Carlsbad’s Student Leadership Academy, and I agree to fully participate and attend all of the sessions. I also realize the importance of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation and acknowledge that substantial public resources are being provided for my benefit; therefore, I am willing to fully commit my time and effort to maximize the benefit from the community’s investment in me. *