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We are taught algebra, Homer’s The Odyssey, battles of the Civil War; we are not taught leadership skills, how to create a project from scratch, finding who you truly are, and creating the life you want. It’s time to change this.

You can be a leader, an entrepreneur, a self-starter, and a change-maker. We have the resources, skills, and trainers to help transform you from ordinary student into a servant leader.

At the Carlsbad Student Leader Academy, you will be enriched in a unique, life-changing opportunity to re-define who you truly are and the impact you want to leave on the world. We have guided over 160 students in becoming leaders in their community. Will you be the next one?

The City of Carlsbad Housing and Neighborhood Services, in partnership with the Servant Leadership Institute, and the YouSchool are offering a new experiential, challenge-based leadership academy with proven methodology to catalyze High School aged students who are residents in Carlsbad to reach their fullest potential as emerging leaders. 

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For students who are considering the path their future might take, are you clear about the great story your life could tell? You only get one life, so make it count.

The CSLA has helped me answer questions that I would have never thought about before. I have discovered more about myself and it has allowed me to learn about many new people.
My perspective has been drastically altered… I am walking out of this a deeper and more thoughtful person
I feel like I made a new family… and feel like the skills I had already have been magnified
I feel more confident in my abilities to lead and have a voice
I realized that I really do want to make a difference in the world


PHASE ONE: In the first phase students will go through the YouSchool- a self-discovery based program that helps High School students understand their life through the lens of story, and take charge of getting the resources to reach their fullest potential to tell a compelling story with their lives. The culmination of Phase One will conclude with a personal storytelling night by each participant. 

PHRASE TWO: Designed and facilitated by the Servant Leadership Institute, phase two of the program will introduce students to a leadership practice called servant leadership, which advocates service before self. Students will learn practical behaviors that will increase their skills in areas like building trust, listening to understand and thinking about their thinking. They will increase their leadership influence in this learn-by-doing curriculum called LeadSchool.

PHASE THREE: The third phase will involve presenting a Challenge-Based Project solution to a real life problem in the Carlsbad community, applying lessons learned from the first two phases through a program called ServeSchool. Students apply the lessons they learned from the first two phases to come up with a solution to a problem in Carlsbad they are passionate about. City leaders, such as the mayor, speak to students about their own story and give suggestions on how to create success with their projects.


WHO CAN APPLY -- Any Carlsbad resident AND/OR anyone who goes to school in Carlsbad (grades 9-12) at NO COST to you

WHAT TO EXPECT -- an experiential, challenge based leadership development program in a peer setting

WHEN -- Monday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm

Spring Session, 2020
Mondays — Dates forthcoming

WHERE -- The Servant Leadership Institute 2173 Salk Avenue, Suite 100 Carlsbad, CA 9008 

HOW TO APPLY -- students interested click here to apply